So it’s been 11 days since my last post!!!! I am still here! December is just taking over!

There is always so much to do! It’s super busy at the school I work at, R and H have more social events than the Queen and then there is all the card writing, shopping, wrapping, list making and cooking! Oh and the cleaning, parties and plays!

I am going to let some things go this year… I haven’t made my own Christmas cake ( there I have said it)!! I am going to buy one and ice it!! Complete cheat but it means one less thing on my huge list!

How is your December going? Are you through your to do lists yet?


My Home in November


Wow its nearly 25th November and I am writing about our home right now again! The month has gone in a blink of an eye! October was a complete blur and I didn’t post at all about our home on here in that month. I did enjoy the gorgeous captures on Instagram though.


This month our home has gone from gorgeous Autumnal oranges to creams, silvers and greys as we start to prepare our home for the festive season. The pumpkins have disappeared and the snowflakes, stars and fairy lights are starting to creep out. I love getting our home ready for Christmas and I cant wait to share a festive tour with you in December.


I have been buying lots of white flowers this month and adding lots of greenery from the garden. This pale colour scheme has been calm and unfussy but we are ready for the Christmas big guns now!!


My favourites on Instagram this month are…


Top from left-

Suffolk_wife   songofanest   grandpys_girl

Middle from left-

Suffolk_wife    acupfullofglitter    siopwestend

Bottom from left-

Forestlove1971     Rachelandhercoffee   dekkobird

Thanks so much for joining in the hashtag. Don’t forget to play along with #myhomeindecember from the 1st. I can’t wait to see your festive homes.


Celebrating Winter- Our Christmas Bucket List


We absolutely loved making our bucket list for Autumn and we managed to get lots of things ticked off! For Winter I have decided to make two lists one for winter activities and one for Christmas. We are going to be enjoying our Christmas one first and then its on to Winter.


I used my Bullet Journal to make a simple list and R and H both helped me with some of the ideas. In the end we added extra things to another page (there were a lot of special requests!). H was very keen to make a Gingerbread House and R really wants to go ice skating.

Our Christmas Bucket List

  • Make a Gingerbread House
  • Watch Christmas movies with treats
  • Have a picnic under the Christmas tree
  • Go ice skating
  • Enjoy a North Pole Breakfast
  • Visit a Christmas Market
  • Visit Father Christmas
  • Bake Christmas Cookies
  • Lots of Christmas crafting
  • Make reindeer food
  • Enjoy December Daily
  • Send Christmas cards
  • Make the wreath for the door
  • Go to our favourite restaurant for a family meal


I love Christmas time and I am going to try and be organised with all the present buying, wrapping, cleaning and cooking this year; so I can give R and H the time to do the special things they have chosen. What are your favourite Christmas activities? Do you have any yearly traditions? Will you be making a bucket list?

You Baby Me Mummy


December Daily 2016- The reasons why…

Time goes so quickly… one minute its all Baby’s First Christmas and the next they are five and are asking for a Nerf gun!! I have always taken lots of photographs to capture the moment and to save the memories to cherish later. But recently I have not been keeping up with my Project Life albums and I haven’t been journaling as much as I would like too!


My last full Project life album is from the year 2013 and includes each week of the year in detail. The fun stuff and the boring everyday side by side. As part of this album I documented every day of December and absolute love the quotes, photos and mementos that are included. I completed an album for 2014 but in not as much detail and then 2015/2016 hardly exist!!


Some of the memories lost I will never get back as I won’t remember what H said when he dropped his breakfast… or what the weather was like on the day R rode her bike without stabilizers for the first time! 2017 I am starting again! Week by Week… Month by Month!


But to kick me back into routine I am going to join the amazing Ali Edwards and many others with December Daily. I am going to try and document our day from the 1st December right up until Christmas Day. I am going to capture moments on my big camera and my iPhone, save Christmas cards and pictures from the children and collect memorable things to add to this most treasured album. And each day I will journal… What we did, what we ate, how we laughed, what was said, what our favourite things were, what we wore and how we were.

My reasons why are simple…

To enjoy every single moment.

To capture the celebration.

To cherish forever.

As time is the most precious of gifts.

You can read more about December Daily and watch Ali explain it all here. I am hoping to share all my pages daily on Instagram and I will keep you posted on here too!


Time for the Perfect Gift

All of a sudden Bonfire Night is over and everyone is talking about Christmas! As I am sure you will guess I am a big fan! I love everything about it! But sometimes I find it difficult to find the perfect gift… especially for my husband!! He is very difficult to buy for and every year I rack my brains for something. Can it be useful but beautiful? Practical but oh so trendy? Cool but built to last? Thoughtful and unique?


When Jord contacted me to see if I would like to review one of their time pieces I jumped for joy! The search was over! Finally a present that ticks all the boxes. My husband is a carpenter so a watch made from wood is the perfect gift!


When the watch arrived it was packaged beautifully in an engraved wooden box. I could not wait to get inside and see it! As I slide the lid off I was blown away. The watch was stunning. So different from anything I have ever seen and oh just so beautifully made.


I choose a watch from the Delmar Series in Dark Sandalwood and Topaz (Shop Here). The face of the watch is a large square which I feel is really stylish and the bright topaz blue is so unusual , it reminds me of a beautiful ocean. I sent measurements to Jord when ordering the watch and was so pleased to see the fit was perfect!


I have never seen a wooden watch before but I think I will be adding one to my own wish list this year! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? How do you choose the perfect gift?


Jord Wood Watches are running a competition for one lucky reader to win a $75.00 e-voucher to spend!

 Everyone who enters will also receive a $20.00 e-voucher! You can enter Here and the competition closes at 11.59pm on 4/12/2016. Your codes will expire on 28/2/2017.

Good Luck!

 This Post is sponsored by Jord Wood Watches

Wooden Wristwatch


Celebrating Autumn- Bonfire Night


The best thing about Bonfire Night for me is the food… steaming mugs of soup, glazed sausages in buns topped with onions and jacket potatoes in their crunchy skins. I love it! These things are so special to me because they are all from memories of my own childhood. My mum always did these things on Fireworks Night and these little tiny memories still as an adult mean so much to me. This is why celebrating and sharing these things on this blog are so important. Documenting will give R and H something to look back on and think of special times (or think our mum really loved parties!).

This year we are having our Bonfire celebrations back at my mums… She has a great garden for outdoor events and a very snuggly open fire for warming up near after!! As per usual I have been making plans on Pinterest! I have had to rein it in a bit as there is only going to be six or seven of us!! I just thought I would share my Bonfire Supper Menu with you today and see what your all thinking of cooking on Saturday.

A Bonfire Supper

Mugs of Tomato Soup

M&S Posh Dogs in buns with sticky onions on top

Slow cooked pulled pork

Cheese and Bacon Jacket Potato skins

Baked Camembert with sliced baguette and cranberry

Followed by…

Bonfire Cake

Firework cupcakes

Marshmallow rockets

Washed down with warming Autumn Cider

I found this recipe for Autumn Spiced Cider on Pinterest and I can’t wait to try it on Saturday.

Image from Pinterest


What are your plans for Bonfire Night? Do you go out or do you celebrate at home? What is your go to food for the night? Happy 5th of November!

Carly x

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Super Simple Halloween Treat Bags


One thing I really do not like about Halloween is Trick and Treating. Every year R and H ask if they can go and I always say no. They definitely don’t miss out though… we always celebrate at home and I make sure they have a bag of treats. Last year we started a new tradition of a Halloween Pumpkin Hunt in the dark; where they found treats along the way. This year they will find this simple treat bag waiting for them at the end.


These bags are so quick to make up… I took me about 5 minutes to do both! I used orange Party Pieces paper bags which are a bargain at £1.99 for 10 and filled them with all sorts of Halloween treats.

Halloween Chocolates from Sainsbury’s and Hotel Chocolate.

Halloween Puzzles from Party Pieces.

Halloween stretchy skeletons from Party Pieces.

Trolls blind bag from Sainsbury’s.

A craft activity from Hobbycraft.

Spooky Key Rings (which come attached to chocolate) from M&S.

Halloween Noise Maker from Party Pieces.

Pop it all in the bag and tie the top with some green ribbon! I brought some sequin ribbon from The Works.


Another quick treat bag we made were these little tissue paper pumpkins.


Again so easy…

Just cut a circle from orange tissue or crepe paper.

Fill the middle with a few sweets; we used little chocolate pumpkins.

Scrunch the paper up around the sweets and tie with ribbon.

Add a face with black paper and glue, a black pen or black washi tape (we used this).

Hey presto another super easy Halloween treat idea.

Do you do Halloween Baskets or Treats? Happy Halloween.

Carly x




Celebrating Autumn-Pumpkin Flowers


Although I love Halloween I am not the greatest fan of the scary decorations or some the the tacky things that the shops all sell! I like our celebration to reflect our homestyle and therefore flowers are always going to play a big role (oh and of course tea!!).


I have lusted over arrangements on Pinterest involving flowers and pumpkins and decided to have a go at creating a simple arrangement inside a little pumpkin. It was super easy and quick. All you need is a pumpkin, a small container such as a jam jar or yogurt pot and of course the flowers. I choose a selection of autumnal flowers which are all locally grown. You could use any combination… I might have a go at a grey pumpkin with a selection of white flowers and greenery later in the week.


The first step is to cut the top off of the pumpkin and scoop all the seeds and some flesh out; this needs to be enough so that you can pop the container inside the pumpkin.


Next add the container to the pumpkin and fill with some water.


Then its just a case of arranging your flowers.


And then your ready to enjoy your hard work!


A really simple but stunning autumn arrangement. Happy Autumn.



Halloween Movie Night in a Basket


One of the things I love most about being a mum is leaving little surprises for my children to find. They have woken up to a floor full of glitter and cookies from Father Christmas, to heart confetti and lego boxes wrapped in red and pink valentine paper and have come downstairs to find an Elf has left us a very special breakfast! These little things take a bit of planning and a few hours of Pinterest searching but they actually don’t cost very much apart from time. And the response is always worth that!


During the week I started collecting items to create a Halloween Movie Night box; lots of the things I already had from previous years and then I added a few extra purchases.

Our box included

  • DVDs- We already had these but I saw Sainsburys had some fantastic ones for about £4 which is great. You could also pop a note or a voucher in for an On Demand film.
  • A Story- I love Room on the Broom so I included this but you could have Meg and Mog or Winnie the Witch. We snuggled on the sofa and read this after the film.
  • A snuggly blanket
  • Popcorn in special boxes- I got mine from Poundland last year but I did see they had some similar ones again this year. Lots of party shops have these containers too.
  • Halloween chocolates- I brought some super yummy Halloween Chocolates from Hotel Chocolate and some Smarties Pumpkins which I brought from Sainsburys.
  • Toffee/Chocolate coated apples
  • PJs- I didn’t buy special ones I just grabbed some from the drawers in their rooms!!
  • Some Halloween masks/headbands
  • Halloween decorations- some were new and some were ones that I had saved from previous years

The decorations really set the scene as I just used a wicker basket. I added some cobweb decorations from Tesco and my favourite paper fans, a honeycomb pumpkin and a hanging bat. I also had a witch on a stick that came in a bunch of flowers last year.


I left the box in the living room lit up with some fairy lights for R and H to find on Saturday after dinner. They were so excited to start unpacking the contents and change into their PJs! We then spent a lovely few hours snug on the sofa watching films and munching on lots of treats! Exactly what Saturdays nights are for!!


If you have a go at making a Halloween Movie Night in a Basket be sure to tag me in your photos! I would love to see them!

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Celebrating Autumn- The Pumpkin Patch


The thing I really wanted to do this Autumn was visit a Pumpkin Patch… I have wanted to visit one for years and have never heard of one close to where we live. Then this year I jumped for joy when I saw Foxes Farm Produce pop up on my Facebook feed! It was about 20 minutes away from our front door; meaning my pumpkin picking dreams would become a reality!


As we pulled into the car park there were squeals of delight (from R and H; not just me!!) and I could see a sea of orange! There were huge hay bales sprayed orange with pumpkin faces near the entrance and as we pulled further into the field we saw this trailer full of pumpkins and this little display.


As we entered the patch we were greeted by friendly staff who explained exactly what you could do; there is no entrance fee to get into the patch. You just pay for what you pick. So we grabbed a wheel barrow and headed off!




I have been lusting after little white pumpkins on pinterest for months so when I saw these little beauties I knew I had to have them. It seemed that the other members of our little gang had their own lust lists but choosing the perfect pumpkins is hard work when there is so much choice.


The wheel barrow was slowly filled as R and H whizzed around in the pouring rain searching for the perfect pumpkins to bring home. It was absolutely pouring down but no one was bothered!




As well as the Pumpkins; there were different kinds of sweetcorn to pick, a maize maze and pumpkin bowling (which was ace!). We had a little cake picnic and a flask of tea packed but the rain meant a feast on the hay bales was not going to be happening.  There were so many little spots that would have been perfect as well.




We had the best time at the Pumpkin Patch despite the rain. We drove away to the chants of best day ever and a car boot full of pumpkins and munchkins. I think a visit to one of the two Foxes Farm Produce Patches (or even both!) should be top of all Autumn Bucket lists. I think I may even sneak another visit myself!!