My Home in June


I know I am a bit late with this one!! But June just whizzed away from me. Its been a month full of peony pinks and sunshine, of lazy afternoons in the garden and flowers blooming all around.


Its nice to finally get outside and maximise the living space. R and H have loved playing out there after school and I have enjoyed not having a living room floor full of Lego!!


We have nearly finished decorating our Orangery and I can’t wait to share it with you. I am waiting for all the lovely bits and bobs to arrive! And then I can do my favourite part of the decorating process… the styling!


As always there were some gorgeous homes over on Instagram this month. Thank you to everyone who joins in with the hashtag each month. Below are my June favourites.


From top left

laurahyde                            insideoabout                                     georgia_coote

innocentcharmschats                 tracylogan                                 ourlittlesnippets

lifeatbelgrove                      harrybeau_and_i                               hotpinkwellingtons

I am wondering what July will bring! Wishing you a happy month and don’t forget to join in with #myhomeinjuly over on Instagram.


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