Celebrating a Taste of the Caribbean #CFW2017


As you know I love a party, the food, the music, the decorations and the excitement. This week there is a celebration happening that I was very excited to get involved with… Caribbean Food Week is running from 21st August until 28th and the organisers Grace Food UK have lots of exciting things happening, from competitions to an exciting food festival.

Grace Foods UK have asked lots of Bloggers to design their ultimate street party spread to celebrate the tastes of the Caribbean. To start planning for my spread I began researching ideas on pinterest. You can check out my board here. I then used the tasty hamper of treats and got cooking!


I wanted my menu to be simple. Good food to share with friends which is quick to prepare and easy to make.

The menu for my Street Party Spread is as follows…

Crispy Jerk Chicken Goujons with sour cream dip

Sticky BBQ Jerk Chicken Drumsticks

Rice and Peas

Caribbean Nachos

Tropical drinks selection



Crispy Jerk Chicken Goujons with sour cream dip

Strips of chicken breast

an egg

Fried Jerk Chicken Powder

Tub of Sour Cream Dip

I loved how simple this was… You are basically dipping your chicken strips into the egg to cover them and then rolling in the jerk powder. Rather than frying the chicken I oven baked at 180 degrees for around 25 minutes (check your chicken is cooked by cutting through before eating).

BBQ Jerk Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Drumsticks

Jerk Sauce

Cook your drumsticks as you normally would and then towards the end of cooking brush with the jerk sauce to leave a delicious crispy skin. These are perfect on the BBQ but can also work in the oven.


Rice and Peas

I followed the BBC Good Food recipe for this one. You can find it here.


Caribbean Nachos

Tortilla Chips (1 bag)

Hot Pepper Sauce

Chopped Tinned Tomatoes (1 can)

A Red Onion

Mixed beans (1 can)

Cheddar cheese grated (as much as you would like)

Fry the red onion in some oil to soften and add the tomatoes, beans and leave to simmer. Add your hot sauce a spoonful at a time and keep taste testing to make sure your happy with the taste of your salsa.

Lay the Tortilla chips into a oven proof dish and top with the salsa. Sprinkle on as much cheese as you like. Cook at 180 degrees for around 15minutes.

Tropical Drinks

This was really easy, I simply added coconut water, ginger ale and tropical fruit punch to kilner style jars and added some fruit and a fancy straw. Tropical drinks in the blink of an eye!


Party Styling

I used a bright colour scheme to style the food table. Adding in tissue paper fans and pompoms in the bright primary shades. I used lots of floral garlands spread across the table and wrapped around jars to create vases.


A simple jar filled with extra cocktail straws and lots of paper plates and napkins is all you need to create this feast for friends.


This bank holiday weekend would be the perfect opportunity to add a taste of the Caribbean to your BBQ.

For more information on Caribbean Food Week Visit:

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/caribbeanfoodweek

Twitter- @caribbeanfoodwk

Instagram- caribbeanfoodweek

To find out more about Grace Foods click here.


In collaboration with Grace Food but all words and images are my own.







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