Bouncy Slides, Royal Sandwiches and IPod Shuffles #LittleLoves


Its been a super busy week with R dance show, a picnic for the Queen’s Birthday, R having tonsillitis and I have had a really crazy week at work. I am really looking forward to a quiet Saturday and a relaxing day at the beach on Sunday.

Here are all the things I have been loving this week


The programme at R second ever dance show! She was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. I also really enjoyed reading this months Sainsbury’s magazine, it has some great recipes and its a lovely relaxing read.


My two crazies jumping and sliding on the inflatables at the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations at our local park. They both had a fabulous time and it was such a beautiful sunny day. You can read a bit more about it here.



I am still loving GoT. The final scene this week was so good! I can’t wait for next week. We are also enjoying Blind Spot still. I have heard lots of people talking about the Tunnel and I think we may check this out next.


Lots of cupcakes and mini Victoria sponges. I love making cakes so much (and eating them!!).


I have also made cucumber sandwiches for the picnic this week and I am now obsessed with them! They are my new favourite lunch!



I had to go back to boots and thick tights this week! Where has the warm sun gone! I need to start buying all my holiday clothes soon but when the weather is so gloomy its hard to think tropical clothing!!



An IPod shuffle! I found a really old IPod and I have been listening to it a lot. It is so lovely to hear songs and be transported back to another time. Some songs I think eek why did I ever like that and others I love just as much as I did back then.


 And Lastly

Only one week until half term, Yay!! We are off to Norfolk and I am can not wait. But first a busy week of school, work, clubs, decorating and planning!! Off to IKEA tonight to get some bits for our little en-suite update (so rock and roll for a Friday Night!!). Have a lovely week everyone.

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9 thoughts on “Bouncy Slides, Royal Sandwiches and IPod Shuffles #LittleLoves

  1. I’m pretty obsessed with GoT. I can’t hack waiting a whole week for the next episode so usually watch each one a couple of times over… Love those mini Victoria sponges – Happy Birthday HRM 🙂 x


  2. Game of Thrones is just so good isn’t it? Every episode of this one has been fantastic.
    I’m actually jealous of your IKEA trip. The nearest one to us is an hour away and i just can’t justify going to pick up little things. Boo 😦
    Hope you’ve had a good week so far xx


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