The Perfect Board Game Night


We love family nights in our house; Movie Nights, Bike Riding Nights and Games Nights! This weekend our games night was a little bit more special. We were taking part in the NSPCC’s Big Board Game Day. The NSPCC are encouraging people to host Games Nights (or Days!) to raise funds for their important work. This year the official date for the Big Board Game Day is 27th May. There is still time to plan your special event!!!


For the perfect Games Night I created a very simple dessert table for us to graze on during our marathon gaming! I used lots of things that I had from other parties or objects that were around the house. I started by using a white tablecloth as the backdrop and the covering for the table. I wanted the scheme to match the bright colours from the NSPCC games pack and the green from their logo so the white was a great base.


I then added my paper fan and lantern collection; if you have seen any of our other celebrations you will know I love these!! I knew we wanted to have popcorn and sweets to nibble on so I used two large popcorn cups and then some glasses filled with our favourite sweets. For height I added our glass drinks dispenser onto a glass cake stand and filled it with juice.


I added a board game boxes and pieces from the games as decoration and simply taped some playing cards to kebab sticks to add interest and tie the scheme together. I scattered coloured paper confetti around the table to add the bright colours to the scheme. And the all important collection box!


I made some very simple vanilla cupcakes and decorated them by making dice from fondant icing and making cake picks using the stickers from the games pack. For the fondant dice I simply used a pack of white fondant and shaped it into cubes. I then used a chocolate icing pen to add the dots. It was so quick and easy. For the picks I stuck the game stickers from the NSPCC pack to coloured card. Then I cut an edge around the sticker and taped these circles to tooth picks. These then pushed straight into the cakes. For a cake stand I used an old Ludo board.


My favourite quick make was the sweet bags, I had some old sweetie shop bags in my party box and I added a sticker from the pack to them. R and H thought they were fantastic!


In true Games Night style we ordered pizza and munched away as we played. We played Monopoly, Connect Four, Snap and Guess Who. We all had a pay a donation to play the games and then we had a donation for the sweets and cakes. If you have more people coming I would definitely set up a dessert table and charge for each thing sold to raise even more for this fantastic cause.


It honestly didn’t take me long to set this all up and it hardly cost any money. But we had a blast and we raised money for the NSPCC. Just £25.00 pounds is enough to provide toys for children in need of play therapy and £100.00 could provide a practitioner to deliver four hours of Domestic Abuse Recovering Together (DART). Have a look at the NSPCC website for more information on how you can take part and to see all the amazing work that they do.


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