A Picnic for the Queen- Mini Victoria Sandwich Cheat


Sunday afternoon was just perfect… the sun shone down on us, the children squealed with delight and there was lots of yummy foods. Our local park was having a celebration for the Queens 90th Birthday; there were bouncy castles, stalls selling plants, face painting and fun fair rides. The Brass Band played celebratory songs and we sat happily on our picnic rug eating scones and cucumber sandwiches. It was a simple day but it was a beautiful celebration of all things British.




Whether you are a Royalist or a Republican, the Queen turning 90 really is something worth celebrating. We created a simple but delicious afternoon tea picnic spread for the occasion. The menu was simple sandwiches and savouries, scones with jam and cream and then a Royal cake selection. Washed down with a good helping of prosecco and tea for good measures.


We had to “pimp” up our picnic for the occasion and I had already ordered all my British Themed must haves from Party Pieces in advance. My essentials for a “Right Royal Picnic” are the utterly gorgeous Union Jack Napkins, Plates and Cups. The fantastic flags which we needed for both marking out our picnic spot and for waving along in time with the music.



As I was writing this post I noticed that they also do mini picnic boxes which are super cute! I may use them for goodie boxes for my Nieces and Nephews at our mini street party. I also used the paper Union Jack umbrellas (who doesn’t like an umbrella in their drink!) and the Union Jack Confetti as part of my styling.


Back to the food… as I said we started with sandwiches (think salmon, cucumber, ham and mustard- all good British classics), then it was all about the scones, delicious topped with strawberry jam and clotted cream, then finally cupcakes. My Mother in Law and I had both brought the same collection of cupcake sprinkles and toppers from Tesco but Amazon also have a great selection of these too. We both made simple vanilla cupcakes and decorated with piped butter cream adding the sprinkles at the end. I also made super simple mini Victoria Sponges. I know you can get special tins to make these but I used a very simple method and it worked perfectly.


Extra Easy Mini Victoria Sponges

You will need:

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes with all the paper cases removed

Strawberry Jam

Vanilla Buttercream

Sugar for decoration


This is so simple…

Take a cupcake, turn it on its side and then slice it in half with a knife.

Add the jam to one side and the buttercream to the other.

Then sandwich together (try to avoid eating at the stage- Its hard!).

Pop them all on a plate and sprinkle the tops with sugar.

Add a few raspberries for decoration and your ready for afternoon tea.



Are you planning a Royal Celebration? I can’t wait to share my Regal Dessert table and our mini street party with you in the next couple of weeks.

I purchased all the items for the picnic myself but I added the links so you can find the products for your own celebrations.




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