Victoria Sponge, Fortitude and Bedroom Makeovers #littleloves


It’s been a busy week! I worked an extra day and that completely  muddled me!! I then have been playing catch up. Hense the reason why my Little Loves post is today rather than Friday!!

This week (or last week!!) I have been loving…



I started Song of the Skylark by Erica James this week and I am absolutely loving it. It’s about a girl called Lizzie who has had a lot of bad luck and then she meets a lady called Mrs Dallimore at the old people’s home she is volunteering at and they strike a lovely friendship. Mrs Dallimore tells the story of her life. I am about half way through and really enjoying it. It almost drip feeds the story and keeps you wanting to read a bit more! I loved The Dandelion Years and Summer at the Lake which are both by Erica James so I am sure this one will end just as well.


I have been binge watching Fortitude on Sky Box sets. I have absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next series to start later in the month. I would definitely recommend it.



I have managed to make a lot this week. I made a start with planning R birthday with is at the end of the month. It’s Unicorn a go go here!!!


I also made cupcakes, Victoria sponge and homemade pizza this week too!! All enjoyed with a cup of tea or two!!


Not much to see here!! Coats, wellies, hats and scarves!!! R and I have both loved wearing our Joules pompom hats this winter.



Lots of good news about collaborations with a few brands over the next month which is great. I cant wait to share some of the great stuff with you!

I have also been enjoying listening to JP Cooper September Song, which is a firm favourite on my playlists at the moment.

And Lastly

Its been all go with R bedroom makeover this week. David has started building her bed and both children were really excited to get up on it! I cant wait to get to the styling part of the makeover! You can read all about our plans for her room here.

Enjoy the rest of the week and I will hopefully see you on time on Friday!!!!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

6 thoughts on “Victoria Sponge, Fortitude and Bedroom Makeovers #littleloves

  1. ooh a unicorn party! I did one of those for E last year, it was loads of fun. I’ve got a whole unicorn party board on pinterest if you want to take a look – though I’m sure you’ll have loads of your own ideas already xx

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  2. Looking forward to seeing what amazing ideas you have for the unicorn party. I have a 4 yr old who is unicorn obsessed at the moment and is desperate for a unicorn party but her birthday isn’t until August!


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