R Room Plans

We have been promising R for ages she can have her room decorated. She fell in love with the GLTC sprinkles bedding as soon as she saw it! And her mind was set on nagging us constantly about her room being updated!!

R has the bedroom in our loft conversion and she has been in there since it was built about 3 and a half years ago. Its a nice space with lots of built in shelves and a wardrobe. Currently the room is all painted in a pale shade of pink, she has polka dot storage boxes and pretty prints and bunting hanging on the wall.


Even though it’s not been very long since it was decorated; the room really feels dated now. I really dislike the pink and I want to get more out of the space. As she has got bigger her needs have changed too. She still needs space to play and space to store her toys. But now she could do with a desk too. She needs a bigger wardrobe as her clothes are too long for the old one. She would like a space to snuggle up and read, or to draw and listen to music.

I have been pinning away and have found some gorgeous ideas for a little lady!  I can’t wait to get going on this project now! These are some of my favourites.

Bondville: Tickle The Imagination magazine Kids Issue 21: Sprout:
Image from Pinterest


How cute are these ice cream cushions? And the mint green is so cool!

Girls room idea More:
Image from Pinterest


I love all the bits on the shelves, the wire baskets, the “You Go Girl” banner and the colours here.

rincon de estudio para niños - Buscar con Google:
Image from Pinterest


The mason jar pen pots are great and the giant paper clips are a winner too!

You can follow my board with all my favourites here!

Linking up with two of my favourites Caro The Twinkle Diaries and Jess Mummy of Boy Girl Twins for Home Etc.

The Twinkle Diaries


8 thoughts on “R Room Plans

  1. I love the pale minty green with the sprinkles wallpaper!! It’s such a fresh design — I think it would work really well with that colour accent. SO excited — so nice to have a project to plan, isn’t it? Happy new year to you lovely — here’s to another fab year of #HomeEtc 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up! xx


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