Styling the Season- February

When I decided to start recording our home life through this blog, one of the things I was really keen to join in with was the Styling the Seasons hash tag on Instagram. I love scrolling through these feeds and seeing so many beautiful photos reflecting peoples homes at different points in the year. Reading Katy’s blog Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte’s blog Lotts and Lots I was really inspired to have a go at recording the shelves and sides around my own home and reflect on how they change. So here is my first ever #stylingtheseasons post!


For me the end of Winter is in sight this month. I can see brighter, longer and sunnier days around the corner. Its amazing how just a tiny bit of sunshine can change your whole mood. I have found that I can not pop in a supermarket without picking up a bunch of sunny daffodils. I have these dotted around the house and they really do add a little ray of sunshine on a gloomy February day.


I have been adding some flowers in areas that I wouldn’t normally to help that feeling of spring being on the way. I added a few blooms to this wicker candle jar and I love it.


My Nan brought me this gorgeous hyacinth arrangement for my birthday this month. I added some cake bunting I made too. The scent is amazing and every time I walk past this bookcase I am engulfed in it!



I am already planning how I am going to style these areas for March! I adore Easter and can’t wait to get all my pretty Easter bits out again! image

Check out Instagram and search the #stylingtheseasons for beautiful inspiration.


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