Little Loves

Well here goes my first ever Little Loves post and only my third post to date!! EEK! I am hoping for the best that this turns out ok. I have discovered this week my computing skills are not as good as I thought they were (Little brother help will be needed!).


I have been enjoying some home and interior magazines this week. I am planning a little update of our living space and I also love the inspiration for Spring and Easter Décor. I am  also really enjoying reading “Strictly Between Us” by Jane Fallon.



We visited the cinema to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the Road Chip! R and H loved it. H was up dancing in the aisle!! They also got very excited when they saw that a new Kung Fu Panda would be coming soon.


As for grown up watching I have been looking for something new. All my favourite series seem to be on a break right now (except The Good Wife); so I am looking for inspiration.


In an attempt to not waste as much food (something I am terrible for!); I decided to try a chunky chilli recipe using left over roast beef. I have to say I wasn’t keen on trying this, I love my usual mince beef chilli so much!! But it was in fact absolutely scrummy! We had it on jacket potatoes with cheese on top and tear and share garlic bread. Delicious.



I am itching to get some of my spring clothes out of storage but I know its still to chilly! I always get a bit fed up with my options during this time of year. I have had enough of chunky knits and UGGs but its still to chilly for flats and bare feet or lighter tops!

I have still been wearing my Michael Kors watch daily. I absolute love it and I am moving away from silver accessories and falling in love with shades of gold again.



Silence!! Everyone is back at school and the house is once again quiet during the day. H is in his last year of Pre-School so I do have him at home for some of the day still but the rest of the time silence!

And Lastly

How scary is it to create your first few posts! I am still wondering if anyone will read them and if I am doing all the technical things right! I am super excited about starting something new and about what this new venture will bring. Recording our special events, home and snippets of everyday is going to help remember all these fabulous times.




6 thoughts on “Little Loves

  1. Your leftover chilli sounds lush! I’ve always used minced beef, but will definitely make this with leftover beef next time we roast a joint xx #LittleLoves


  2. I read Strictly Between Us last week, it’s a great book. I’ve started liking gold jewellery again after pretty much always being a silver girl for the last 15 years, maybe it’s my age ha ha! Welcome to #littleloves and the world of blogging! You seem to have the basics covered just looking at your blog, but just shout if you ever need any help (not that I’m a technical genius by any stretch of the imagination). Have a great week x


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