Celebrating Easter- The Egg Hunt


I don’t know many people who do not love an Easter Egg Hunt. For me it’s a must have tradition at Easter. The excitement of rushing around the garden looking for a glimmer of pastel coloured foil, of hurriedly reading clues and zooming on the find the next one and of carrying a basket of loot along with you.


I have really fond memories of Easter Egg Hunts from my own childhood and celebrating and creating these same memories for R and H are so important to me.

To be honest to make the memories all you need are a few pieces of paper for clues, a few bags or baskets and some eggs. But if you want to make this years hunt extra special here are my must haves for the big hunt.


Plastic Eggs

These are brilliant. You can hide healthy treats inside to even up the chocolate count or little toys/prizes. You can also colour code these so each child has a certain colour to find.


Egg Hunt Signs

Well these are purely for decoration but they just look super cute! I love them dotted about with the Spring Flowers poking through.



I have a bit of a thing for brown parcel paper at the moment. Really cheap but looks gorgeous with a bit of a doddle on. I usually write my clues out in my bullet journal and then copy these out onto the paper for the actual hunt.


Bunny Ears

They are just so cute and look fab in the photos.


Baskets and Buckets

I have an ever growing collection. A variety of containers to fill are perfect. You can always decorate and label for each child.


A treasure basket of eggs

If you are following clues you can leave a basket full of egg-cellent treasure at the end.

DSC_0880 DSC_0895

Are you planning an Egg Hunt? Do you have any traditions at Easter?

Happy Hunting.


Hot Pink Wellingtons


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter- The Egg Hunt

  1. I have lovely memories as a child of egg hunts at Easter. I do them for my girls, they have bunny ears and baskets. I hide plastic eggs that are empty (cruel mum) and then once they’ve found them all, they get their main egg. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  2. A easter egg hunt is a tradition in our house too – the Easter poem always leaves a little poem for my girls which they love and then they always have to go find the eggs around the garden. They love it! #sharingthebloglove

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