Hello Sunnysands- Our Day at Millie’s Beach Huts


We have been fans of Millie’s Beach Huts since the very beginning… We are regular visitors and absolutely love a trip to Walton-on-the-Naze. We have been on hot August days when the beach is packed and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. On freezing January afternoons when we snug up in the hut with the rain pelting on the windows. Whenever we have visited we have always agreed it is something very special.

When Vicky told us there were going to be some new beach huts this year we were very excited. There are four new huts Sunnysands, Skye, Minnie and Micky; who are joining Millie, Isla and Harley. We were invited to spend the day in Sunnysands and as usual we weren’t disappointed.


Just like all of the huts in the Millie’s Beach Huts collection Sunnysands is styled beautifully. Every detail is perfection… from gorgeous Cath Kidston mugs to bright beautiful Cornishware crockery.

DSC_0827 DSC_0829

Everything is carefully thought out and ready for you to use. For me the fact that I can lit the gas stove and put the kettle on straight away is brilliant! Nothing beats a cup of tea looking out at this view.


As a family we love having a space to get out of the sun (or wind or rain!) and to have a break from the hustle of the beach. To have somewhere to eat our chips or to have afternoon tea. If there are a few adults it means someone can go on the beach with the children whilst the others relax (and people watch!) or if you have older children you are close enough to let them explore the beach whilst you sit with your drink and book.

For H the box of books and games that are in each hut is a winner. He loves a game of Pirate Snap or Snakes and Ladders. He was also most impressed with the Match of the Day book that Sunnysand’s had to offer!!



The beach at Walton is lovely too; perfect for building sandcastles or rock pools. My pair of beach babes also love to splash in the sea.


H spent ages working on his rivers and rock pools with R. He brought his lego boat and some sea creatures with him to play with too.



At lunch time we decanted our fish and chips onto the plate in the hut and were very happy to have proper cutlery to use whilst tucking in. R and H were excited to watch the jet skies zoom past from the window.


The day whizzed by and we ended it with a trip to the pier and then back to the Beach Hut for one final cup of tea and piece of cake. All the tea, coffee and sugar is provided in the huts and the tap for the water is just up some steps next to Sunnysands. It means less things to bring and it saves a lot of money if you end up buying a few rounds of coffees from the vendors.




We had the best day and the discussion in the car on the way home always turns to when can we go back. Can we bring Nanny with us? Shall we have a picnic next time? The thing we know for sure is that there is always a next time. We can’t keep away!


If you are thinking of booking a Beach Hut I honestly can not recommend using Millie’s Beach Huts enough. Vicky is helpful and quick to respond to any messages. The booking system and website is super simple and the whole experience is always a positive one. There is an offer for the Easter Holidays on the new huts so do go and check it out. You can book a beach hut here and to find out more about Millie’s Beach Huts click here.


We were invited to Sunnysands as guests of Millie’s Beach Huts for the purpose of this review but all words and images are my own.

3 thoughts on “Hello Sunnysands- Our Day at Millie’s Beach Huts

  1. Hey Carly – I still can’t believe how much taller these two gorgeous smiles are! I’m not sure any year would be complete now without seeing your stunning photos from a beach hut day out.
    Thank you so so much for letting us be part of your spring adventures and for being our first every guests in Sunnysands ;0)
    Vicky x


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