A Touch of Spring Fever


How much better do you feel when you wake up to sunshine? For me its dramatic! How can you feel tired when the sun is up and shining in the sky! It defiantly gives me a touch of Spring Fever! The other thing I love so much about Spring is all the gorgeous blooms that are peeping their heads out and turning the world into a much more colourful place.


I have been embracing Spring Blooms all around the house for the last few weeks… Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Freesias, Primroses and Crocus. After all the Pinks and Reds of February its lovely to embrace the bright sunny yellow, pastel purples and cheery blues.


The other thing that Spring gets me thinking about is a big clean. I have started to write a list of things that need to be cleaned or have a little bit of maintenance. When that lovely sun shines in I can see so many patches of dust that have been missed or a streak on a window that is bugging me!!!

I never know whether its best to complete a room at a time when attempting a Spring Clean or whether to tackle a job at a time (e.g. clean all the windows!).

This is my list of jobs (I say mine but David will end up with a few of them!!)

  • Empty and jet wash the hot tub
  • Clean all glass in the orangery (including the roof)
  • Empty all the drawers in the Kellax unit
  • Pull out the large units, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier to clean behind.
  • Clear out all kitchen cupboards and clean inside/outside
  • Clear the top of the kitchen units
  • Clean all the blinds
  • Deep clean all flooring and skirting boards
  • Sort through all wardrobes and donate anything not needed
  • Dry clean and restore winter coats
  • Clean and restore boots
  • Clear the cupboards in our room and H room
  • Sort through the party boxes and the Easter box
  • Clear the blanket box in the orangery
  • Wash/dry clean all soft furnishing

Have you got a big Spring Clean planned? Are you are fan of lots of Spring blooms around the home? Lets hope we get lots of sunny days and lots more Spring Fever!!


Linking up with my favourites Jess Mummy of Boy Girl Twins and Caro The Twinkle Diaries for HomeEtc. Go over to their blogs for your weekly home and interiors hit!

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7 thoughts on “A Touch of Spring Fever

  1. I’ve definitely been in a cleaning mood with all this spring sunshine of late! I’m checking things off my ‘to-do’ list in quite a frenzy! Love your beautiful flowers, good luck with that list! #HomeEtc


  2. I’m totally the same. I feel so much happier when the sun shines and have been enjoying having some flowers around the house too. No where near getting organised around the house though!! xx


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