My Home in February


February started in a sea of reds and pinks… It was Valentines madness here. We enjoyed lots of pink styling on the peg board this month.



We celebrated with a Valentines Breakfast of strawberry jam hearts and red smoothies; followed by an afternoon tea treat of Victoria Sponge topped with sugar hearts. Many chocolate hearts have been eaten this month and the Hotel Chocolate ones didn’t last beyond the 14th!!!

img_3220 img_3221


Slowly the reds have faded away and although its still cold and rainy… I am beginning to embrace Spring. My weekly blooms have gone from Roses to Tulips and the pastel colours are slipping back in.


The same can be said for the #MyHomeinFebruary community over on Instagram. Those pretty pinks and bright reds have slowly given way to homes bursting with Spring Flowers and calm, fresh hues. I am loving seeing everyone’s photos from their homes throughout the months. A huge thanks to everyone who joins in.

This months favourites…


From top left:

dekkobird                    lisahasler               innocentcharmschats

the_gardenerswife    letstalkmommy         laurahyde

topknotanddaisies    cherryblossom_and_roses    forestlove1971

I cannot wait to see what March will bring (hopefully some sunshine!).

Carly x



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