My Home in January


January is coming to an end… We have said goodbye to the sparkle and extravagance of Christmas and have had to say Hello reluctantly to winter! My home has been changing throughout the month. It has gone from lots of calming and on trend greenery… to the addition of a few bunches of tulips and some spring bulbs… and finally to adding a splash of pink. Its almost going from dark to light in an indiscreet way of saying COME ON SPRING!


January has seen us spend lots of time snuggled up drinking tea and watching movies or reading books. Its seen us prepare for R birthday and celebrate an early Chinese New Year! January is not my favourite month; its dark and cold but we have embraced it and tried to make our home a happy and snuggly retreat!!



The #MyHomeinJanuary community on Instagram has seen some similar nods to hurrying Spring along and to welcoming a little more light! There was also tea and cake which for me is always a winner!! Thanks to everyone who joined us this month. Don’t forget to tag #MyHomeinFebruary next month.


Images from top left to right

Rachelandhercoffee                      Dekkobird                                       fourbearsandme

siopwestend                                     tracylogan                                      ourlittlesnippets

lifeasourlittlefamily                      three_sons_later                         fiona_snaps

I am really looking forward to February. The month of my birthday and Valentines! I can’t wait to add some red to the pink and to have heart shaped everything!!

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6 thoughts on “My Home in January

  1. I have to agree jan is not a pleasent month, but these last 2 weeks I kept my promise to myself to surround our home in flowers and candles and that has helped.

    I love these pictures, I had not heard of the project, I shall come over to twitter and ask you more xcx


  2. January is not my favourite month. Like you I’ve added some tulips to my home as it felt so plain after the decoration came down. I’m not familiar with your instagram tag but I’m off to look at it now. #homeetc


  3. I am learning to love January as it marks a fresh start for everyone, spring feels a bit closer and you can still get away with some twinkly lights up!! A lovely post Carly and thanks for the mention xx #homeetc


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