Gingerbread Houses, M&Ms and Penguins #littleloves


Starting the year as I mean to go on… with my first Little Loves post. I love joining in with this linky which is hosted by Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. I am going to try really hard to join in most weeks this year!

This week I have been enjoying the last few relaxed days of the Christmas holidays before we all returned to work and school on Thursday.

My little loves are:


I finished reading After You this week. I could not put it down… I just wanted to know what was going to happen to Lou and it had me from the start. I am now ready to get some new books for 2017 so recommendations would be great!


We went to the cinema to see Monster Trucks this week. R and H both really enjoyed it but I wasn’t really sold.

I have also been really enjoying Blindspot and the new Sky One programme Delicious. There seems to have been an awful lot of football on our TV too this week!!!


We had a lovely afternoon tea party which was our final Christmas celebration. We finally tucked into the Gingerbread House we had made the week before. Now I need to try not to make any cakes or biscuits until R birthday at the end of the month!





Hats and scarfs as we braved the cold to visit Colchester Zoo. H loves penguins and was thrilled to find them all really close to the glass on one side of their enclosure. We are so lucky to have this zoo so close to us.



Squeals of excitement as we entered the M&M store in London at the weekend. The smell of chocolate hits you at the door! R and H were thrilled to fill up a bag with chocolate treats in their favourite colours.


And Lastly

I am going to start a new yoga class next week! So hopefully my next Little Loves will include that!! I have never done yoga before but love Pilates and Body Balance so I am hoping I love it! Have a lovely week everyone.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat



13 thoughts on “Gingerbread Houses, M&Ms and Penguins #littleloves

  1. Your gingerbread house looks great! I’ve got Delicious recorded to watch, one for when the Mr is out I think – love Dawn French. I need to read After You, I loved the first instalment and want to catch the film soon too. Enjoy your weekend xx


  2. I loved After You but I didn’t think it was quite as good as Me Before You although still a book I couldn’t put down. That tea party looks amazing! x


  3. Oh wow! The gingerbread house looks amazing! Gosh the M&Ms look so good in those displays! Hope you have a wonderful week xx


  4. Wow, your gingerbread house is stunning. I never knew about the M and Ms shop, the colours, the choices, I would be dangerous in the shop. I recently finished After You too and thought the ending was just right, happily ever after would not have been true to Lou. I read a tweet from Jojo Moyes tempting us with the prospect of more stories about Lou, I hope there’s a third.


  5. I loved After You too, reading about Lou was like catching up with an old friend. I do hope that’s not the last we hear of her.
    Hope the yoga went well! xxx


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