2017 Home Goals


Happy New Year to you all.

Are you a resolution maker? Do you like to start the year with a plan for the twelve months that lay ahead? There are always the same goals eat better, save more money, read more, spend more time outside, learn something new and travel somewhere exciting. We also start the year by thinking about our home… what do we want to do this year to make it even better?


We brought our house ten years ago and have made a lot of changes in that time. The loft has been converted, we have had a lovely orangery on the back and we have updated bathrooms, bedrooms, living space and the kitchen along the way. I love our house and any talk of moving is always quickly squashed!

This year we have a few things we want to do. The first job is R bedroom; she has the bedroom in the loft conversion and this room hasn’t been decorated again since it was completed. R has grand plans for her room and I am going to share these next week.

The en-suite is also high on our list. This hasn’t been touched really since the day we moved in! It is getting dated now and I have started pinning spa inspired spaces!

The hall needs decorating which hopefully won’t be a very hard job.

Then there is the kitchen and orangery… here we want to rip up the wood flooring and lay tiles. We want to refit the kitchen with less wall units and a huge larder style cupboard at one end!

I will be sharing these projects along the way this year and all of my home style inspiration. I can’t wait to start!

What are your plans for your home this year?



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