My Home in November


Wow its nearly 25th November and I am writing about our home right now again! The month has gone in a blink of an eye! October was a complete blur and I didn’t post at all about our home on here in that month. I did enjoy the gorgeous captures on Instagram though.


This month our home has gone from gorgeous Autumnal oranges to creams, silvers and greys as we start to prepare our home for the festive season. The pumpkins have disappeared and the snowflakes, stars and fairy lights are starting to creep out. I love getting our home ready for Christmas and I cant wait to share a festive tour with you in December.


I have been buying lots of white flowers this month and adding lots of greenery from the garden. This pale colour scheme has been calm and unfussy but we are ready for the Christmas big guns now!!


My favourites on Instagram this month are…


Top from left-

Suffolk_wife   songofanest   grandpys_girl

Middle from left-

Suffolk_wife    acupfullofglitter    siopwestend

Bottom from left-

Forestlove1971     Rachelandhercoffee   dekkobird

Thanks so much for joining in the hashtag. Don’t forget to play along with #myhomeindecember from the 1st. I can’t wait to see your festive homes.


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