December Daily 2016- The reasons why…

Time goes so quickly… one minute its all Baby’s First Christmas and the next they are five and are asking for a Nerf gun!! I have always taken lots of photographs to capture the moment and to save the memories to cherish later. But recently I have not been keeping up with my Project Life albums and I haven’t been journaling as much as I would like too!


My last full Project life album is from the year 2013 and includes each week of the year in detail. The fun stuff and the boring everyday side by side. As part of this album I documented every day of December and absolute love the quotes, photos and mementos that are included. I completed an album for 2014 but in not as much detail and then 2015/2016 hardly exist!!


Some of the memories lost I will never get back as I won’t remember what H said when he dropped his breakfast… or what the weather was like on the day R rode her bike without stabilizers for the first time! 2017 I am starting again! Week by Week… Month by Month!


But to kick me back into routine I am going to join the amazing Ali Edwards and many others with December Daily. I am going to try and document our day from the 1st December right up until Christmas Day. I am going to capture moments on my big camera and my iPhone, save Christmas cards and pictures from the children and collect memorable things to add to this most treasured album. And each day I will journal… What we did, what we ate, how we laughed, what was said, what our favourite things were, what we wore and how we were.

My reasons why are simple…

To enjoy every single moment.

To capture the celebration.

To cherish forever.

As time is the most precious of gifts.

You can read more about December Daily and watch Ali explain it all here. I am hoping to share all my pages daily on Instagram and I will keep you posted on here too!



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