Celebrating Autumn- Bonfire Night


The best thing about Bonfire Night for me is the food… steaming mugs of soup, glazed sausages in buns topped with onions and jacket potatoes in their crunchy skins. I love it! These things are so special to me because they are all from memories of my own childhood. My mum always did these things on Fireworks Night and these little tiny memories still as an adult mean so much to me. This is why celebrating and sharing these things on this blog are so important. Documenting will give R and H something to look back on and think of special times (or think our mum really loved parties!).

This year we are having our Bonfire celebrations back at my mums… She has a great garden for outdoor events and a very snuggly open fire for warming up near after!! As per usual I have been making plans on Pinterest! I have had to rein it in a bit as there is only going to be six or seven of us!! I just thought I would share my Bonfire Supper Menu with you today and see what your all thinking of cooking on Saturday.

A Bonfire Supper

Mugs of Tomato Soup

M&S Posh Dogs in buns with sticky onions on top

Slow cooked pulled pork

Cheese and Bacon Jacket Potato skins

Baked Camembert with sliced baguette and cranberry

Followed by…

Bonfire Cake

Firework cupcakes

Marshmallow rockets

Washed down with warming Autumn Cider

I found this recipe for Autumn Spiced Cider on Pinterest and I can’t wait to try it on Saturday.

Image from Pinterest


What are your plans for Bonfire Night? Do you go out or do you celebrate at home? What is your go to food for the night? Happy 5th of November!

Carly x

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Autumn- Bonfire Night

  1. SNAP! I share exactly the same train of thought!! Making memories and recording them on my blog, for the boys to read when they’re older is exactly my thought too. And I think they’l think just the same as your kids….!!! ie — Our mama LOVES parties!!!


  2. It’s definitely all about the food here too. Although usually it’s a chilli or something else that can be trusted to sort itself out while I pop out for a bit of an ooh and an ahh at the fireworks! #homeetc


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