Super Simple Halloween Treat Bags


One thing I really do not like about Halloween is Trick and Treating. Every year R and H ask if they can go and I always say no. They definitely don’t miss out though… we always celebrate at home and I make sure they have a bag of treats. Last year we started a new tradition of a Halloween Pumpkin Hunt in the dark; where they found treats along the way. This year they will find this simple treat bag waiting for them at the end.


These bags are so quick to make up… I took me about 5 minutes to do both! I used orange Party Pieces paper bags which are a bargain at ¬£1.99 for 10 and filled them with all sorts of Halloween treats.

Halloween Chocolates from Sainsbury’s and Hotel Chocolate.

Halloween Puzzles from Party Pieces.

Halloween stretchy skeletons from Party Pieces.

Trolls blind bag from Sainsbury’s.

A craft activity from Hobbycraft.

Spooky Key Rings (which come attached to chocolate) from M&S.

Halloween Noise Maker from Party Pieces.

Pop it all in the bag and tie the top with some green ribbon! I brought some sequin ribbon from The Works.


Another quick treat bag we made were these little tissue paper pumpkins.


Again so easy…

Just cut a circle from orange tissue or crepe paper.

Fill the middle with a few sweets; we used little chocolate pumpkins.

Scrunch the paper up around the sweets and tie with ribbon.

Add a face with black paper and glue, a black pen or black washi tape (we used this).

Hey presto another super easy Halloween treat idea.

Do you do Halloween Baskets or Treats? Happy Halloween.

Carly x





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