Celebrating Autumn-Pumpkin Flowers


Although I love Halloween I am not the greatest fan of the scary decorations or some the the tacky things that the shops all sell! I like our celebration to reflect our homestyle and therefore flowers are always going to play a big role (oh and of course tea!!).


I have lusted over arrangements on Pinterest involving flowers and pumpkins and decided to have a go at creating a simple arrangement inside a little pumpkin. It was super easy and quick. All you need is a pumpkin, a small container such as a jam jar or yogurt pot and of course the flowers. I choose a selection of autumnal flowers which are all locally grown. You could use any combination… I might have a go at a grey pumpkin with a selection of white flowers and greenery later in the week.


The first step is to cut the top off of the pumpkin and scoop all the seeds and some flesh out; this needs to be enough so that you can pop the container inside the pumpkin.


Next add the container to the pumpkin and fill with some water.


Then its just a case of arranging your flowers.


And then your ready to enjoy your hard work!


A really simple but stunning autumn arrangement. Happy Autumn.




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