Celebrating Autumn- The Pumpkin Patch


The thing I really wanted to do this Autumn was visit a Pumpkin Patch… I have wanted to visit one for years and have never heard of one close to where we live. Then this year I jumped for joy when I saw Foxes Farm Produce pop up on my Facebook feed! It was about 20 minutes away from our front door; meaning my pumpkin picking dreams would become a reality!


As we pulled into the car park there were squeals of delight (from R and H; not just me!!) and I could see a sea of orange! There were huge hay bales sprayed orange with pumpkin faces near the entrance and as we pulled further into the field we saw this trailer full of pumpkins and this little display.


As we entered the patch we were greeted by friendly staff who explained exactly what you could do; there is no entrance fee to get into the patch. You just pay for what you pick. So we grabbed a wheel barrow and headed off!




I have been lusting after little white pumpkins on pinterest for months so when I saw these little beauties I knew I had to have them. It seemed that the other members of our little gang had their own lust lists but choosing the perfect pumpkins is hard work when there is so much choice.


The wheel barrow was slowly filled as R and H whizzed around in the pouring rain searching for the perfect pumpkins to bring home. It was absolutely pouring down but no one was bothered!




As well as the Pumpkins; there were different kinds of sweetcorn to pick, a maize maze and pumpkin bowling (which was ace!). We had a little cake picnic and a flask of tea packed but the rain meant a feast on the hay bales was not going to be happening.  There were so many little spots that would have been perfect as well.




We had the best time at the Pumpkin Patch despite the rain. We drove away to the chants of best day ever and a car boot full of pumpkins and munchkins. I think a visit to one of the two Foxes Farm Produce Patches (or even both!) should be top of all Autumn Bucket lists. I think I may even sneak another visit myself!!





One thought on “Celebrating Autumn- The Pumpkin Patch

  1. Oh this is wonderful ! I really want to find a pumpkin farm here (somerset). A few years back we were on holiday in the Yorkshire dales and found the most fab. pumpkin farm. It was one of my favourite Autumn adventures!


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