Party Plans, Festival Styles and Sunny Evenings #LittleLoves


The Summer Holidays are almost over. This time next week I will be back at work and the routine will be getting back to normal! To be honest I am ready for this now; the summer has been lovely but H is definitely ready to be at school.

This weeks little loves are;


Lots of home magazines this week as I am looking for en-suite inspiration! We have a plumber booked for the end of September but still have no idea what we are doing!!

We have also been reading Ready Steady Mo! Nearly every night! H absolutely adores it! He loves to do the Mobot at the end!



The Bake Off of cause!! I just love it so much. The bad side of it is that it just makes me want to keep baking cakes which is really not good!

I also watched lots of amazing bands and artists at V Festival on Sunday. My absolute favourite has to be Little Mix. They were fantastic!


Plans for H birthday party. We are having H Fest next Saturday to celebrate his 5th Birthday. He is starting to get very excited and is telling me daily cake flavours and ideas! I am glued to pinterest and keep adding to my plans.



My favourite red top. This top is from Matalan. I never ever shop in Matalan but popped in there to get some tea towels and found this! I love it! And my Hunter wellies; great festival style but way too hot for a sunny Sunday! Although it did rain in the evening.



R also rocked her own festival style at our Baby V Festival, future fashion blogger I think!! Everything she is wearing is from Next.



I love this Olly Murs song. I keep singing along when it comes on the radio.

And Lastly

We have been making the most of the sunny evening and have been trying to get out as a family when David gets in from work. We enjoyed a Fish and Chips picnic and a play in the water features at our local country park on Wednesday.

image image


Wishing you all a lovely week.

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7 thoughts on “Party Plans, Festival Styles and Sunny Evenings #LittleLoves

  1. Red is a great colour on you! I’ve been wanting to invest in some Hunter boots for a while, but have yet to, although in Wales rain boots are pretty much every day wear so they’ll be well used.

    I like the sound of H Fest – birthday planning is so fun, especially when young.


  2. O is definitely ready for school too. I think he’s getting a little bored at home and is ready for his little brain to be filled up.
    I love my Hunters too, such great wellies. xx


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