Strawberries, Sunshine and Star Wars #littleloves


Yay for the summer holidays. We have really enjoyed our first week and have had a nice mixture of days out and days at home.

This weeks #littleloves are


I read the email this week to check our flight times for our holiday to Lanzarote and had a major panic as the day was different to the one I had in my diary! We had an email over a month ago to say the flights had changed and I just assumed it was the times! But it was the day as well!! I am so glad I checked otherwise we would have missed the flight!

We have also joined the library summer read The Big Friendly Read and both R and H are zooming through the books!



My crazy and brave daughter climb trees like some kind of wild child at the local National Trust Forest!! She was so good at it! She kept going higher and I was thinking eek!! Suddenly both children seem so grown up!! I cant believe that in about five weeks I will have a 5 year old and 6 and a half year old. It seems like only yesterday I was starting out as a mama of an 18month old and a new born!



I made an icecream cake for my class for the last day of school last Friday. It was super easy to make and they really enjoyed tucking in! I am planning a special cake for the Mr for next Friday as its his birthday! R and H want to throw him a Disney themed party!! I have explained to them that Disney is not really the theme most 30 something year old men would want for their birthday!!



I absolutely love Joules clothes. They are just so blooming gorgeous! Both my children have a rather lovely collection. This week we have been fruit picking and they wore some of my favourite pieces. The print of R dress is just so pretty; she gets so many compliments.


R Dress- Joules

R flipflops- Havaianas


H T Shirt- Joules


The soundtrack from Star Wars! H is a huge fan and was so excited to visit the Sci Fi exhibition at our local museum. He enjoyed reading all the information and loved identifying the different music to the different parts of the film! It made a change from him singing the Ghost Busters Theme (Who you gonna call…)!!


And Lastly

We have been enjoying the sunshine at the beginning of the week! I am hoping it is going to make an appearance again for the weekend! We are off to the beach with Nanny tomorrow! Wishing you a lovely week.

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