Summer Snack Station- Confessions of a Summer Parent


So we have all been there, its the school summer holidays and you are just about to hang the washing out, clean the bathroom, send an email, wash the floor, go to the loo (fill as required!) and you hear “Please can I have a drink” or “I need a drink” or even “Drink!!” I find that I stop to water and fuel my two constantly and they are masters of asking for something when I have just started a job.


To survive this years summer holidays I needed to make them a bit more independent! I am a teacher two days a week and in my classroom we have something called rolling snack. Every morning the snack is set up and the children just choose when they want to go and have something. It got me thinking that this could easily work at home; a simple snack station which I could refill throughout the day but my hungry two could graze on whenever they felt they needed too. So a few cups, straws, fruits, snack packets and water cooler later… Our Summer Snack Station is ready for action!




What are your summer survival tips? Do you have any tricks that work? I would love to hear them.

This post is an entry for the BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor.



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