Hot Tubs, Jam Jars and Toothless Grins#littleloves


Its been another crazy week! The end of the school year is crazy… Being a parent and a teacher seems to mean double the madness! On top of this H and R both seem to have parties every weekend and I am trying desperately to get all our holiday clothes organised before they break up! Roll on August where I will be on a sun lounger with a glass of something cold in sunny Lanzarote.

This weeks #LittleLoves are


I haven’t read very much at all this week. I had a quick flick through some home style magazines but thats about it!



It feels like all that has been on is football and tennis!! I am still mourning the loss of Game of Thrones for a while! We started to watch the first series of The Tunnel but I wasn’t sure if I really liked it! I need to find a new box set to dive into!


I have been fiddling about with flowers this week. I am going to make Jam Jar Posies for R and H teachers for the end of the term. You can read all about it here.



Swimwear… We have a new hot tub in the garden and its been bliss! R and H have been in nearly every night after school and I have been enjoying peaceful evenings in there!!


I have also spent a lot of time in my white jeans. They are legging type ones from Next and are just so comfortable.



Happy Birthday being sung. We celebrated a special family 60th Birthday at the Beach Huts in Maldon on Sunday. The weather was perfect, we had fish and chips and cake. Played in the sand, on the park and in the splash park.


And Lastly

I love this selfie of my little gang! R lost on front tooth on Friday night and the other was hanging by a thread all weekend! She looked like a wicked witch!!


Linking up with Morgana at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat for #LittleLoves.






4 thoughts on “Hot Tubs, Jam Jars and Toothless Grins#littleloves

  1. I LOVE your hot tub. What a great addition to any garden and I am very tempted to get one. Your flowers look lovely and wow the beach hut looks amazing. Hiring a beach hut is on my list of things to do over the summer #littleloves x


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