Jam Jar Flowers


I love having flowers around my home. I buy a few bunches a week to arrange in different vases and spaces around the house. Just lately I have fallen in love with Jam Jar Vases.


At Christmas I had to make table arrangements for a table of 20+! So jam jars meant that I could spend a lot less on flowers and still create something pretty and fresh for the table scape.

This is week I have created some more jam jar arrangements which are going to be used for teachers gifts. H finishes pre-school next Friday and R the following week. They both have lots of adults who have helped them with their learning this year; so a jam jar posy is a perfect way to say thank you.


I have been collecting jars for about a month now- sauce jars, jam jars, passaata bottles and tiny gin bottles! The first step is to tie pretty ribbon around the jars. I used brown twine on these ones. I also spotted some lovely ribbons in The Works today for a pound a roll.


Step two is adding the water to the jars; sometimes I have added food colouring to the jars to add interest. Remember if you do this your flowers may pick up the colouring!!

Step three is the faffing! I can’t call it arranging as I am really just fiddling around until it looks pretty! I usually buy a selection of blooms and then add foliage or more flowers from my garden. I used Rosemary from the garden in these arrangements. I have used Mint, Palm Leaves, Blossom and Lavender before too. It’s just a case of cutting to different lengths and popping bits in the jars; adding more or less depending on what you are trying to achieve.


I then made some simple parcel tags to add the name of the person the posy is for. Super quick, super simple and so pretty. I would certainly like to receive a gift like this!



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