Bamboo Fencing- Garden Makeovers

A before shot of the offending fence panel!

When we started our garden makeover earlier in the year we planned to go for an English Country Garden look. I decided we would paint our gross brown stained fence panels a chalky white colour. One coat on one panel told me straight away that it was going to be a bad idea! It just didn’t look right!

Bamboo Fencing and Roses



So we decided to change the plan… And moved on to bamboo fencing! Which is basically just a roll of bamboo that you pin to your existing fence panels. Easy!

We got our rolls from B&Q, they cost £25.00 for 4 metres in length but there are other sizes available.

It took about two hours to unroll and hammer to the fence and the transformation is amazing! I keep looking out and thinking how lovely it is! We have put one layer of bamboo on but we need to double up to cover up the white paint mistake!!

My relaxing spot!


We are slowly getting here with this garden and I am pleased that we are taking our time to get things just how we want them.


I now need to find a lovely parasol to keep the sun off the sofa on the long hot six weeks holiday we are going to have!!!! Has anyone seen a nice one?

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16 thoughts on “Bamboo Fencing- Garden Makeovers

  1. Oh it looks lovely! We are in a new build and have had to start our garden from scratch, I am shocked at how much I am enjoying the process. Fingers crossed for the sunny weather and good luck with your search for a parasol xx #HomeEtc


  2. Wow, what a difference! I love it! We have two fences which don’t match and it really annoys me but there’s nothing I can really do about it as one belongs to our neighbour. I think we have too much to go down the bamboo route too, so I guess I just need to live with it. We got a great umbrella last summer from World Stores online – it was a great price! I just wish we had more call to use it this year… #HomeEtc


  3. The garden is looking lovely! 4 meters of bamboo screen for £25? that’s a pretty economical way of covering a fence! 🙂 We also live in a new built home and our garden was -and still is- a blank canvas. Hubby and I are finding very hard to decide what to do with it! :/


  4. Those Roses are beautiful, and what a great transformation! I quite like cantilever parasols, they are great for shade and easy to spin round when the sun moves. #HomeEtc


  5. It looks lovely, and really transforms the space. We need something like that in our back yard, the paint on the fence is awful and I think it’s going to be difficult to fix!


  6. I hope it is hot, I so want bamboo panels in my garden but we live at the top of a hill and its too windy, but I always think it looks fab x


  7. Aah clever you Carly — it looks so, SO much better! I’m with you re fence panels — they’re really unattractive aren’t they? The bamboo looks fab 🙂 Funnily enough I saw some amazing parasols a few week’s ago — they’re by the Indian Garden Company. I WANT one!!! Can’t stop thinking about them!!! Thanks for linking up, Caro xx #HomeEtc


  8. It’s looks fab and such a great idea!! Oh yes a parasol is really important we don’t want to get too hot in this heatwave that is about to hit 😂 #homeetc


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