Celebrating a Royal Birthday


We have had a lovely weekend celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday. Its been a really simple weekend all about family and food. It started with a trip to a local Garden Centre for lunch on Saturday; there is a miniature steam railway there and they had decked it out with bunting for a real festive feel. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch in the restaurant and then R and H had their faces painted ready for a train ride.


The little train does a loop around the garden and my two love it. It was lovely to see them smiling away as they waved their flags. The gardens are absolutely gorgeous and I am always finding new flowers and plants that I wish I could bring home.




Then we we had a quick go on the park and an ice cream before we headed home for afternoon tea for the Queen.


I put together a simple and traditional spread (with the help of M&S and their Patrons lunch range!) of sandwiches and savouries, scones, cupcakes and tiny jellies. We had a lovely little tea party and then we watched the Trooping of the Colour that I had recorded earlier. H is like a sponge and just loves facts, he wanted to know as much as possible about the Royal Family and all about some traditions.


imageDSC_0268 image Sunday brought another family filled day and a street party for R, H and their cousins. We had it all planned to fill the garden with red, white and blue bunting and a table full of happy children but the rain had other ideas!! Instead it was an inside party but we celebrated all the same. A cake with a 9 and 0 candle and lots of singing wishing Her Majesty a very happy birthday.


We made some lovely memories over the weekend. I know R  had a lot to write about at school on Monday. Including the very special news that we had a new pink one join the gang on Saturday. Welcome precious girl; I know you are already very loved and we can’t wait for you to join the next celebration.


One thought on “Celebrating a Royal Birthday

  1. This is such a lovely idea! I do like any excuse for a celebration, probably something to do with my love of cake and decorations…Those cakes are fab, by the way and your display looks gorgeous.


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