Best of British- Street Party Style


So at the weekend all around the world people will be celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday. There are street parties happening all around the UK and special events in villages and towns. We celebrated a few weeks ago with a Right Royal Picnic at our local park which was a lot of fun. Over the weekend we will be celebrating again at home so I am starting to get the house in a festive mood!


For the month of June my styling will focus around all things British. I am thinking Union Jack bunting, Roses in white and red, cake stands piled high with mini Victoria sandwiches and jam tarts and of course jugs of Pimms (a summer must have!).


I have started by making some simple flower arrangements in Union Jack paper cups from Party Pieces. It was a really simple thing to do; just add oasis (don’t forget to soak it) too the bottom of the cup and then arrange your flowers. I striped my blooms of their leaves before I began and I also raided the garden for some extra greenery.


I never really have a plan of what it will look like in mind; I just add flowers and foliage until I am happy! I am really pleased with how they turned out and I know they will look fabulous for all our celebrations over the weekend.


I had a few flowers left over so I also created some simple jam jars by adding Union Jack hearts ribbon to the tops of the jars and arranging my blooms. I can’t wait to set the dessert table up and enjoy the weekend.



Are you planning on celebrating this weekend? If you are there is still time to have a go at creating some very simple arrangements to add something a little special to your home.

Linking up with Jess from Mummy of Boy Girl Twins and Caro from The Twinkles Diaries for #HomeEtc





5 thoughts on “Best of British- Street Party Style

  1. Aaah I LOVE it!!!! It looks so festive doesn’t it? I love all the red, white and blue touches! Especially like the union jack cups with little floral arrangements in — I think they’re my favourite bit — you clever thing! 🙂 Thanks for linking up 🙂 #HomeEtc — Caro x


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