Beach Hut Days



I absolutely love the beach. The beach in Summer when you have to mark out your spot on the packed sand; the beach in the Winter when its quiet but a chilly run across the dunes can blast all the cobwebs away and the beach in Spring when the weather is a little temperamental, one minute its glorious sunshine and the next its bucketing down with rain! I love fish and chips, icecream, building sandcastles, jumping over waves, collecting shells and walking along the pier.


Our last few visits to the seaside have been pretty special and that’s because we found the most beautiful beach huts in the universe! Think of  pretty pastels, Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater, handmade trinkets, fun decorations and perfect added details and you would be thinking of the beautiful Millie’s Beach Huts. From the moment you enquire about hiring the owner Vicky ensures everything for your perfect day is in place. She offers a fantastic service and even added extras like catering.


The beach huts are absolutely stunning; we visited the original Millie twice last year and were very excited to see Vicky’s new front row beach hut Isla. We were blow away with how beautiful she is; as usual the attention to detail was amazing (Vicky thinks of everything!). There is every kind of kitchen item you will need; including a kettle and plenty of tea bags (perfect for a massive tea drinker like me!!). There are books, games, colouring and the most snuggly day bed ever.


We always like to start our day off with breakfast when we arrive at the hut; there are loads of options for this. You could bring bacon and eggs with you to make yourself a yummy bap or like we do bring fresh pastries and fruit to tuck in with a large hot drink. At lunchtime at the seaside nothing beats fish and chips, we bring these back to the hut and decant them onto the beautiful crockery. On a chilly day its lovely to be snug in the beach hut eating.



There is plenty of room to relax and eat with a table and chairs, a day bed with a coffee table and a little tray table and deckchairs for outside. After lunch we like to relax with a cup of tea and play games or read. Isla’s day bed was perfect for snuggling up on and enjoying time together without IPads and TV. We giggled away as H told us some of his jokes!! R also enjoyed spending lots of time drawing and colouring, she especially loves the Millie’s Beach Hut colouring sheets which are provided along with coloured pencils inside the hut.


Then its a run and a play on the beach, a walk along the pier and a well deserved ice cream. We were lucky that it was a very quiet Sunday and we had a section of the beach completely to ourselves. Nothing beats the sea air for blowing the cobwebs away!





I don’t think I would want to visit the beach now without booking Millie or Isla for the day. I absolutely love having a base, somewhere to escape from the weather, somewhere to change out of soggy soaks when you splash to hard in your wellies, somewhere to enjoy tea and cake before you travel home but most of all somewhere to celebrate being a family and making such very special memories.

DSC_0109 DSC_0079


I can not wait until our next visit and am excited for the memories we will make together. It is true what they say… Life is Always Better at the Beach!





2 thoughts on “Beach Hut Days

  1. I love this! I had no idea you could hire those sweet beach huts! Sounds brilliant. So envious you live near the coast, I’m originally from Ireland and now live on the midlands and always find it a bit claustrophobic not being beside the sea xx


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