Bluebells, Sunshine and GOT #LittleLoves


Well Hello Sunshine!! It’s about time! Spring is finally here and the sun really does make everything seem better. Its been a busy week with a busy weekend and then getting back into the swing of things at work and home. Sometimes it seems as if I never catch up!! I do love a busy weekend with my family though.

Here are this weeks #LittleLoves


Still going strong with Catherine Alliot A Rural Affair and I am still really enjoying it. Its a really funny easy read. image

I also read the LEGOLAND map during our fabulous day out there last week. You can read a bit more about it here. H loves Star Wars so it was lovely seeing him meet all his favourite characters!


Game of Thrones- I am absolutely loving it. I am so excited for next week and I keep seeing little trailers which are all looking great!


I haven’t made very much this week H and I have both had tonsillitis!


R wore her Dance show costumes for the first time on Sunday. Its show time tonight, I can’t wait to watch her!! This is her second ever show and I am so excited for her. She loves dancing and loves dressing up with all the hair and make up! This isn’t the greatest of photos but this was so special I just had to share!



The sound of laughter as we walked (or ran in H case!) through the Bluebell Woods. I booked a mini photo shot to get a family portrait and some photos of R and H and this location was stunning. The smell of the bluebells was so lovely and it was such a calm and beautiful place to visit.



And Lastly


We paid for our holiday in Lanzarote this week. I am so excited and can’t wait for August to come around so I can spend a lovely week with my favourite three. I am now planning the perfect wardrobe and trying to avoid cakes!!

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4 thoughts on “Bluebells, Sunshine and GOT #LittleLoves

  1. I hope she continues to enjoy dance and the stage for many years! It’s a wonderful thing. I’m loving GoT too – have you been reading the fan theories?! It’s so good… I might have to have a binge watch of all the seasons!! x #littleloves


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