In Amongst the Bluebells


A couple of weekends ago we had a lovely evening picnic in a woods local to us. It was a treat for R and H to be having a picnic later in the day. We had come to explore the woods and look for bluebells. It seems really silly but I haven’t been to the woods when the bluebells are in bloom before. I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.


We had planned to meet a photographer in the middle of the woods for some family photos in the “Golden Light” so after our picnic we headed down through the winding path to the meeting point. The children were getting very excited at the sea of purpley blue that was expanding the further we got into the woods. I was amazed to see how stunning it was and how beautiful it smelt.

Sophie the Photographer had set a little chair in the middle of a vast patch and my two jumped straight on to it. They looked like little fairies amongst the perfect flowers. Sophie captured many beautiful images that evening and it was tricky to chose my favourites. But these are the five that melted my heart.


This one of my pair looking at their Pez sweet dispensers like two little angels amongst a sea of bluebells.


My beautiful big girl with her huge brown eyes and golden hair.


My baby boy as cheeky as ever with a grin that could end a war and bring world peace.


Brother and Sister best friends one minute and worst of enemies the next!


And finally my beautiful family. My favourite team.

I know I will treasure these images for ever. Capturing these moments is so important. Remembering these simple days in the woods as much as we remember the holidays, parties and expensive days out.




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