Pink Manicures, Supertato and Prince #LittleLoves

I completely ran out of time for my #LittleLoves post last week; I really missed reading around and seeing what everyone was up too as well. This week I am back to being prepared!!!

Here are this weeks #littleloves


H and I went to the library on Tuesday and he choose lots of non-fiction books about space, football and gardens. He did choose Supertato by Sue Hendra as well. We have read lots of her other books but not this one. Boy we were in for a treat!! H loved it, he giggled away at the story and looked carefully at each picture trying to see what was happening next. It has become a bedtime favourite over the last few days.


I haven’t made anything this week but I did make a yummy three layer Victoria Sponge for the Queens birthday last week. We had a lovely party at school to celebrate and the cake was delish with a nice cup of tea.



I have been listening to my favourite Prince song a lot this week. I forgot how much I love this song.

I have also been singing along to Nick Jonas Close whenever it comes on the radio.



A bright pink spring manicure! I haven’t had pink for ages and I love this bright colour. Although our spring weather seems to have not got the message!!



Not much to write here this week! Does Sofia the First count?

And lastly

Its a long weekend! Yay! We are hoping to go to LEGOLAND tomorrow, they have a Star Wars weekend and H is a huge fan!! Then R has her first rehearsal for her Ballet show on Sunday. What plans do you have for the weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Pink Manicures, Supertato and Prince #LittleLoves

  1. I hope you made it to Legoland and had a great time. We went last year and loved it but it was a very long drive for us. Love your nails and victoria sponge. I don’t remember the last time I painted my nails (can’t for work) but maybe I should now I am on maternity leave.


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