An Impromptu BBQ

On Sunday we planned a day out in London; we were going to go to Shrek’s Adventure and a museum; have a walk around Westfield and get some lunch. It was all set and then Saturday brought the most beautiful of days and the promise of an even better Sunday. On Saturday evening we started to talk through alternative plans; we didn’t really fancy spending most of the day inside when the weather was going to be so nice!


So we woke up on Sunday morning and had our usual family breakfast planning to be going out. Then we started talking about the sunshine and BBQ’s… A new plan was suddenly made! Lets stay at home today, do some gardening and have a BBQ. After breakfast we headed to B&Q to stock up on plants and then we grabbed some chicken, sausages and burgers from M&S and headed home to have some fun in the garden.


The BBQ was lit and we fiddled about with plants whilst it heated up. Then I began some food prep. This was a quick and easy BBQ so I grabbed some salad bits from the fridge and made a green salad, boiled corn on the cobs and made a quick couscous. I had a can of Pimms in the fridge (you can’t BBQ without Pimms, right!!) and I chopped the fruit and we were ready to go.


Everyone enjoyed relaxing and eating some very yummy food (Well Done Daddy!). It was a really simple day, a simple celebration but we all had such a lovely day. It goes to show that staying at home and being together is just as good as going on those exciting adventures out! Here are a few more pictures from our impromptu BBQ!

I can’t wait to have this space ready for the sunshine days.


Simple and so good!
My lunch- so yummy!
H and his “Big Boys Only Burger”!!!

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