New Coats, Easter Baskets and Glee #littleloves


I can’t believe Easter is over, all the decorations are away and all that is lingering is the mountain of eggs! Last week completely ran away with me and I didn’t managed to get my #littleloves post complete but this week has been a lot easier. Its the school holidays in Essex meaning I have an extra couple of days as I am not teaching.

Here are my #littleloves


This week I started a Katie Fford book- A Vintage Wedding. It is fantastic, I cant put it down!! I love Katie Fforde books, they are so cheery! I definitely recommend this one.


I have also been reading recipe books over the long weekend and making some delicious Easter treats.



I watched Inside Out again on Monday with R and H. I don’t know why but it has me in floods of tears throughout (I cried in the cinema with this one!!). Its a beautiful Disney film.

I am also still watching all my favourite series Blindspot, Scandal and The Good Wife.


I have made lots of Easter cakes this weekend and also Easter baskets for R and H. I left an egg trail around the house leading to the baskets in the orangery. They loved them.




As the weather is starting to get better R and H are wearing their Spring coats. I love both of them so much. I wanted something really bright for H, his coat is from Joules. R wanted something pretty!! We picked her coat up from Ted Baker in Debenhams.




I cleared the cupboard under the stairs this week and found hundreds of CDs. One of them was a Glee soundtrack! The only place I have a CD player now is in my car, so yesterday I had a listen and R loved dancing along to Don’t Stop Believing!!


And Finally

Lets hope the sun shines again next week and we can enjoy some lovely days out and some chill out time playing in the garden. Have a fab week everyone.

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3 thoughts on “New Coats, Easter Baskets and Glee #littleloves

  1. Love the pic of H sat with the little goat, how cute! I’ve got that Katie Fforde book on my amazon wishlist, sounds like a good one. That cake…….! Have a great weekend x


  2. I love yellow coats! Your cakes look amazing too!! Hope you’re enjoying the Easter break. How lovely is it to be able to take things more slowly? I’m feeling far more relaxed than I usually do!! xxx


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