Garden Daydreams #HomeEtc

I don’t know if it was the sunshine or the long weekend but I have really started to think about getting the garden summer ready this week. I am longing for those long days laying outside with a book, those barmy evenings drinking Pimms and eating tapas or BBQ’s with friends that last from lunchtime until when the sunsets. I know we have a long way to go but a girl can surely dream!!


I have been reading every magazine, catalogue and book I can get my hands on. I have been on Pinterest pinning dream spaces and I have been having a social media snoop at other peoples spaces! There are so many lovely ideas and themes this year. Do I go bright and tropical (Flamingos are in!), English Country Garden is another trend I am seeing a lot of this year or for a beachy theme with lots of lanterns, white wash and shells?

Our actual garden is really quite small and is not south facing but it has all the basics in place already. We have a lovely decked area and great seating which really only needs an update rather than lots of money spend on it. We also have a lovely lawn area (thanks to fake grass!) and raised beds which have some established shrubs in. The back of the garden has a brick wall which is actually really lovely and makes a nice backdrop for photos!!

As a family we have been discussing what we really want from the garden. Hot tub has been mentioned by most members on numerous occasions!! We want colour and interest but we aren’t the greatest gardeners. We want space and a clutter free but we have two children under seven. We want to get as much out of the garden as possible this year and for it to be an extension of our living space!


What are your garden plans for the Spring/Summer? Have you a preferred style? Do you have any advice for someone who just can’t decide? I would love to know.

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9 thoughts on “Garden Daydreams #HomeEtc

  1. I’d love an english country garden, full of wild flowers but my 2 dogs will dig it all up so I’m just hopeful for grass at the moment! I’m so envious that you have fake grass, that would be my idea of heaven. I think lots of pots may be the way forward, you can move them around as you like and create different looks when ever you fancy #homeetc


  2. Oh you have such a good space to work with. I am jealous. We only have a small patio garden so I am planning on filling it with as many tubs as possible and pretending that it is an English country garden 🙂 #HomeEtc


  3. I absolutely agree with Louisa! Pots are the way forward when your space is limited and you like to change the look of a space fairly regularly. You can update the flowers/plants as the season changes — but also, if it were me, I’d get some colourful lights, lanterns and cushions out there, as soon as the weather warms up 🙂 It’s amazing how touches like that can really make you feel as though the garden is another room 🙂 #HomeEtc


  4. Oh, this sounds so exciting. I adore the idea of an English country garden, filled with lots of wild flowers to attract the wildlife. I think your garden looks like such a lovely space and I am sure that you will make it fabulous. I love Caro’s suggestion of colourful lights, lanterns and cushions. That is so easy to do but could look really magical. #HomeEtc. Hugs Lucy xxxx


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