An Easter Movie Night

A really simple family celebration we regularly have is a movie night; we have popcorn, sweets and a good film; and we celebrate just being together. We celebrate being a family and its something really special. I take loads of photos of our movie nights and I scrapbook them in my project life album so these special memories are always recorded.

When planning our Easter Celebrations I decided I would style a very special movie night and add some extra pieces to our usual set up. I decided this year to choose a simple colour scheme to see me through all the events I was planning and then I could reuse things easily (saving both time and money). So with the colours blue and yellow, the theme of Peter Rabbit and a box full of special bits and pieces I was set!


I started by using my favourite paper fans, I have a whole collection of these and my top tip is to never use the sticky tape to open them! Always tie them with the string at the top and then you can reuse them again and again. I already had the blues one but the mini yellow ones are my latest Party Pieces buy. They are so cute I think I might be buying them in more colours!


I then added this cute chick bucket for the popcorn holder, this was actually an egg hunt bucket from M&S; it was filled with a selection of eggs like the ones on the blue tray.

The blue tray and the yellow cups were again from Party Pieces. The trays come in lots of colours and are in packs of 3. These are one of my must haves as they wash really well and last for a few occasions. The cups add colour to the table and they are some spares from the pack I have ready for the Easter weekend.


The table runner is actually the table cloth I have brought ready for my Easter table for next weekend. I just folded it to create the runner. I added a few plastic eggs filled with treats, chicks in nests (Poundland specials!!) and a jar of tulips… Making a normal celebration just that little bit more special.



We also made hot chocolate and added mini eggs to the top to make an extra special Easter drink!



We downloaded Hop from the Sky Store, snuggled up with our treats and enjoyed being together. A perfect family night made that extra bit special with a little party styling. I will be reusing all these things with the Peter Rabbit things I have brought next weekend for our Easter Brunch, Afternoon Tea and the very important Roast Lamb lunch, followed by the Great Egg Hunt.

I purchased all of these things myself; I just added the links as I know its nice to know where things are from. I can also highly recommend the products and the service that Party Pieces provides- Do go and check them out!



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