My Easter Home Part One


Welcome to my Easter Home and my first Home Etc post. When it comes to a holiday I like to style most of the house around that theme. I am not over the top (fingers crossed behind back!) but I just like a reflection of what is going on in our life around our home. R and H also love this and always want to add as much of their own input as possible. They just don’t quite get the less is more approach right now. Think as much Poundland tack as possible!!

So for my first Home Etc post I thought I would give you a little tour around #myeasterhome concentrating on the entrance hall and the living space (I will show you my kitchen and dinning space next week).

The first sign of Easter is slap bang on the front door, I made this wreath as a Happy Easter welcome to our family and friends over the next couple of weeks. I am hoping that it will all stay in place and we won’t end up with eggs pinging off at the postman!! I added some spring flowers, these super cute pink Hunter Wellies, an egg hunt sign and a little chick  that R got at the garden centre last year.



Our hallway is really small and dark; we have a radiator cover which has a little shelf so I added a simple cream jug of daffodils and a cute Easter Bunny sign which I have had for years. I try to buy things that will last and just move things around the house to suit.

See how dark this space is!!



Our living room is pale blue and white; I wanted to add a touch of Easter to the surfaces in here and I tried to keep to a scheme of white, blue, yellow and a touch of green. I added more flowers and little knick knacks we have collected over the years.


I strung this bunting under the box shelves as a starting point and then began adding the bits and pieces. I moved a blue vase from the main bathroom, filled a glass with mini eggs, added a couple of cute chicken pots my mum had brought for R and H one Easter and of course more flowers. I really love this and it was so quick and simple.


I wasn’t quite as happy about the book shelf styling. I fiddled with this for ages and still can’t decided what it is I don’t really like (all suggestions appreciated!).


I still need to make an arrangement for the coffee table next week and then this room is set for the Easter weekend.

How are you styling your living space for Easter? I would love to see your Easter Homes.

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9 thoughts on “My Easter Home Part One

  1. Very cute Easter items. Love the wreath on the door and cute little wooden signs. Have a white twiggy tree that I need to decorate some eggs for. Love the the spring pastel colours during this time of year. Thank you for sharing and look forward to next part.


  2. Aaah it’s SO lovely!!! Don’t radiator covers make such a difference to a space? We installed one in our ensuite last year and it’s made the space look so much tidier. Thanks so much for linking up — hope to see you tomorrow from 6am on #HomeEtc


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