An Easter Wreath


In December I went to a wreath making workshop and I loved it. Sally from Halo Blossom talked us all through the wreath making process and I came home with a gorgeous festive wreath. Sally talked about how after Christmas if we looked after the basic moss covered wreath it would last for another occasion. So I decided to create something for my Easter home.


To create your own wreath you will need the following:

A moss covered wreath

Mossing pins

Thick wired ribbon (mine was left on from Christmas)

Some egg decorations (I used an egg garland from Poundland)

And some spring flowers

The first thing you need to do is loop the ribbon around the wreath to create a hook for your wreath to hang on. Think about the size of your door or the place you want to hang the wreath from when doing this. Then attach a second piece of ribbon to make a bow at the top. Add a mossing pin to the back of the ribbon to hold it all in place.


Then I used a mossing pin to attach the ribbon at the end of the egg garland to the back of the wreath. The pins are easy to push in and hold everything in place well. I pushed in at a slight angle; although a true florist may disagree with this!!


I then worked my way around the wreath pulling the garland in and out, and pinning each piece of ribbon next to an egg.


The garland worked well as it was the perfect length to fit my wreath. Once I had attached all the eggs I pinned the last piece of the garland ribbon at the top back of the wreath.


I wanted to add some spring flowers but decided to go for “less is more” to start with as Easter is still a while off. I added two pink and two white flowers by trimming them so I had enough stem to poke straight into the wreath. I then used some mossing pins to secure them by pushing the pins under the flower head.

I then sprayed the whole wreath using a water spray bottle and hung it on the door. I am planning on adding some more flowers as the week goes on. Its super easy to unpin flowers heads and then add new fresh ones using the same process as above.

There are lots of gorgeous wreaths ideas on Pinterest for Easter and Spring. Are you planning any special Easter décor? Let me know if you have a go at a wreath, I would love to see your images.




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