Tea and Mini Eggs #LittleLoves

And another week is almost over… How quickly does time fly by! This week has been a funny week as I have had a work an extra day at school for parents evening. This has muddled my usual routine and I feel a bit unorganised! The weather is still mainly grey and cold- come on Spring!!!


I picked up a “Quick Read” in Tesco at the weekend, it was by Lucy Diamond. “A Baby at the Beach Café” was absolutely fantastic. I read it in almost one sitting with a giant mug of tea. I am going to go and get another couple of her books next week.


I have also been reading “Celebrate” by Pippa Middleton. This is a lovely book I dip in and out of throughout the year. It has ideas for all different British celebrations and the photos are lovely.


Finally Scandal is back on!! Friday night was bliss watching the latest episode snug of the sofa with a glass of wine and popcorn. I love the twists and the turns within the characters; especially Jake. I am never sure if he is a “goodie” or a “badie”!

We also watched the film Sex Tape; which was a comedy staring Cameron Diaz. I didn’t really enjoy it and actually went to have a bath a before it finished. It wasn’t really funny and at points was a bit to far stretched! I am struggling to find films I enjoy at the moment!


Coughing! Lots and lots of coughing! H has a cold this week and although he seems fine during the day; at night the coughing starts. I really think we need some nice warm weather and some sun on our skin to lift our spirits and our health!


I helped R to make paper flowers for our Mother’s Day Hampers. She absolutely adores crafts and didn’t really need very much help. She created two beautiful paper poesy’s and a flower crown for herself.


We also “made” some new planters for the garden to add a bit of Spring colour. H added some Easter eggs for good measures! I desperately want to go outside and get the garden all pretty for some (hopefully) lovely days ahead.


A lot of monochrome this week! Including my dog print dress from H and M. I got a lot of complements on the print of this dress but I am still not 100% sure whether or not I like it.


We have also worn our wellies a lot!


And lastly…


The diet is not going well! I am obsessed with eating mini eggs! They are just so yummy! I must try harder next week!! Have a lovely week everyone.

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8 thoughts on “Tea and Mini Eggs #LittleLoves

  1. Funnily enough I had to go into work on my day off too this week because of Parents Evening, I always feel robbed of my day off when this happens, especially as I ended up going in earlier to catch up on some admin.
    I’m addicted to mini eggs too at the minute, and they’re so moreish. I’ve usually eaten a full packet before I’ve even realised! xx


  2. I’ve been eating way too much since Christmas, to the point that some of my clothes don’t even fit. Nightmare!! I need to start dieting!! You look lovely in your dress xxx


  3. Scandal is back??! How did I not know this? I will definitely be watching it on catch up when I’ve commented on all the little loves posts – why I always end up leaving it until the day before to do it I’ve no idea!
    Your dress is lovely, you look fab! xx


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