Cupcakes, Converse and Cuddles with Horrid Henry #littleloves

This week has been a mixed bag… there have been some great days and some of those days you just want to forget. The weather has been the same, one minute beautiful spring sunshine and then the next rain, winds and freezing temperatures. I am so glad I am taking part in #littleloves as it has really made me think about the things that have been fab this week.

So my #littleloves this week are;


R and H are really enjoying chapter books being read to them lately. Especially Horrid Henry. They love to snuggle up at bedtime and share some Horrid Henry together. We giggle at how naughty he is and all the terrible things he gets up too.

H is the real bookworm out of the two of them. He has adored stories since he was a baby and always has a favourite book on the go. R likes to be read to but she isn’t as keen to just pick up a book for pleasure (I am working on this one!).



I am not sure how bad it is to admit this (she says with her hands covering her face!) but I have started watching the new series of TOWIE again this week. To be fair it is absolute rubbish but because of this it is easy to watch; meaning David and I can have a good gossip about the cast!!

I am desperately waiting for Blindspot and Scandal to come back from their season breaks as I really want to know what is going to happen next.


I have been listening to the radio a lot this week both at home and in the car. Its nice to have a mix of songs to sing along to when your getting on with your jobs. Plus its sometimes the only way I get to find out what is happening in the news.


This week has been all about Mother’s Day crafts. I can’t wait to celebrate on Sunday with my favourites. We have made Mother’s Day mini cupcakes which you can have a read about here.



R and I also styled a Mother’s Day Tea Party which was great fun to do together. She absolutely loves a celebration and was excited to set it all up with me. You can read about our tea party here.



I brought a couple of new things from H&M this week. A pair of jeans, a dress and this mustard coloured blouse. It is really easy to wear and looks great with grey jeans or a fitted skirt. H had to be in the photo because he liked his outfit too!


I did bravely wear some flat grey pumps one day with no socks, this was a very bad mistake. I was frozen!!

And lastly…

I am starting to think about the Easter weekend and the school holidays. I love making plans and celebrating with family. There seem to be loads of lovely activities happening around Essex this year. This photo is of us from last Easter. I cant believe how much we have changed!


Have a lovely week everyone. Fingers crossed the sun returns.

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13 thoughts on “Cupcakes, Converse and Cuddles with Horrid Henry #littleloves

  1. The tea party looks fun! I wore Converse today with no socks, the sunshine was rather deceiving! I had to put my feet on the radiator when I got home! I am a bot of a fan of TOWIE, catching up on it now! #littlelove


  2. Your tea party looks adorable, what a lovely idea. I’m looking forward to Easter too, last year we made an Easter egg hunt in the garden for my little boy and I think it will now be a yearly tradition as he has been talking about it ever since Christmas. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain! xx


    1. I love it when they remember the little things we do to for them and talk about them.
      Hopefully the weather will pick up by the end of the month! We need nice sunny gardens for hints!!
      Thanks for your comment. X


  3. Ooh those cakes look lovely and that tea party set up! I used to love TOWIE, haven’t watched it in a while though. I always used to watch the ones they did in Marbella as we used to live right near there so it was fun to watch what they’d been up to. Have a great weekend x


  4. Ooh I love a bit of TOWIE definitely my guilty pleasure – it’s so bad but addictive!! I’m also waiting for Scandal to return. I am sooo looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear something other than my big boots!! Xx


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